Mission Info
Starting Year
1501 BCE
Starting Funds
Very Easy: 18000 Strings of Cash
Easy: 12000 Strings of Cash
Normal: 12000 Strings of Cash
Hard: 12000 Strings of Cash
Very Hard: 9600 Strings of Cash
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Zhengzhou is a mission found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Briefing Edit

At the solemn request of our new King, the Royal Geomancer has determined that the new capital of the Shang Dynasty is to be at a site that shall henceforth be known as Zhengzhou. It will be located on a hill overlooking the river. To ensure the security of the city, engineers have already been at work on the city's fortifications. Use the guidelines of Feng Shui to help locate an appropriate site for the King's palace, establish an elite neighborhood of lavish Siheyuans, and designate one or two wards for common citizens.

Bales of hemp must be procured though trade, as it cannot be grown here. Fortunately, there are other cities looking for wood and ceramics. A ferry will provide access to the abundant deposits of copper ore on the far side of the river. The bronze will be of use not only for bronzeware, but also for weapons. Begin training and equipping some infantry without undue delay. You just might need them as barbarians covet the riches of our land.

Goals Edit

  • 20 people in Modest Siheyuan or better
  • 1 Allied Cities Required
  • Population of 1300

Summary Edit

This is the first mission where a walled area is already built. Try to keep the vast majority of the city within the walls, as they will help in defending the city against some later invasions by the Nomad Camps. This is also one of the few missions in which you cannot grow any Hemp and must import it from a trade partner.

Since hemp must be imported from trade partners, try to avoid overbuilding your common block. If there are too many people in the city, there won't be enough hemp to distribute and housing will devolve, preventing you reaching the population target. The Modest Siheyuan goal is very easy to reach: simply scout an area to place four elite houses and let them fill up. You don't even have to provide them with any services (except an inspector's tower). It is recommended to complete this goal last, since a brand new elite house starts with 1 bale of hemp and 1 crate of ceramics from the start and won't need to be supplied for a good few years, saving workers for supplying these items.

There are a few requests which you should make the effort to meet. Building up a military early on is important, since if you can't complete the mission in four years, then the Nomad Camps will launch a few invasions. Luckily, they aren't very substantial, but failure to build a military means either bribing or losing the mission!

Getting an allied city is very simple. Just keep sending expensive goods to a particular city (goods that they actually "need", don't just send anything that you have, they might not need it) until they reach "Admiring". At this point, you can either wait for an automatic ally request to come through, or send a diplomatic request to ally, which will succeed.