This is the article on the last mission of the Shang Dynasty. If you are looking for the article on the previous Yin, see Yin.

Mission Info
Starting Year
1250 BCE
Starting Funds
6000 Strings of Cash on all difficulty levels
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Yin is a mission found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom. It is the last mission of the Shang Dynasty.

Briefing Edit

Esteemed administrator, you have been recalled to the dynasty's capital of Yin on the Yellow River during a time of great sadness. The recent passing of Lady Hao, queen and consort to Wu Ding, King of Shang, has unfortunately created the sudden need for a tomb and tumulus suited to her high stature. A person with great management skills is obviously needed for this important project. As overseer, you must amass the required burial provisions -- quantities of ceramics, bronzeware, and fine silk -- so that our royal subject shall enjoy an afterlife of appropriate comfort. If you can handle this job for our mourning King, it will surely help to ease the painful burden of his grief.

Another way you can help ease our sovereign's sorrow would be to fill his palace grounds with an assortment of wonderful animals. Such a menagerie would surely delight Wu Ding. If you pay sufficient homage to the creator goddess, Nu Wa, she will visit your city. Then, you can request her to capture local wild animals for the Palace menagerie. You might also send emissaries to other cities, asking them for gifts of animals to please Wu Ding. Of course, other leaders appreciate receiving animal gifts, too, so send offspring from our menagerie as gifts to other cities in China. Such a generous present might convince them to reciprocate with specimens of their native fauna for our menagerie.

Powerful chariot-mounted warriors will be useful for military expeditions -- and impressing would-be adversaries. Perhaps these war chariots will also be a better match against those irksome Xiongnu horsemen?

Goals Edit

  • Tumulus must be built
  • 80 people in Humble Compound or better
  • 4 Menagerie Animal Types Required

Summary Edit

In the last missions of the Shang Dynasty, you return to Yin to build a Tumulus and improve the Elite Housing. This mission also introduces a new mission goal: Menagerie Animals.

When you start the mission, you'll see that the city is exactly as you left it previously. However, some trading changes mean that raw materials are no longer a viable source of income. Use the opportunity to change some trading posts and place trading posts for new cities that are now trading with you, such as Panlongcheng. If trade with Baoji was not established previously, they will automatically ally with you at the start of the mission and begin trading.

Assuming you have planned ahead, there should be a lot of unemployment in this city, which is ripe for picking to build the monument. The Tumulus builds in much the same way that the Pyramids in Pharaoh were built, with some changes: the burial provisions needed for the monument are placed into the monument as part of the building phase, rather than being goods added through game options. The game will request the burial provisions in a certain order, so make sure that a Warehouse is constructed to "get" the required goods, as a monument area should not be connected to the rest of the city. The monument requires Ceramics, Bronzeware and Silk: once the required level of goods have been provided, the labourers will cover up the tomb with dirt in various levels.

While the monument is progressing, focus on the other goals. To reach a Humble Compound, you must provide access to an Acupuncturist's Clinic and four food types. Unfortunately, the fourth food type must be sorted via importation, although Rice can be imported in moderate quantity from your new town: Panlongcheng will also send you a Tiger, which will provide one of the Menagerie Animals needed.

You can get a further two animals right from the city area itself: please Nu Wa by sending her gifts to get her to Exalted, which will summon her to the city. Once in the city, send her to capture a Panda and a Pheasant from the map, providing two further animals. However, you won't get a foreign emmisary in the city to get the fourth: to get the fourth, you will have to trade animals. Note that there are three climates: arid (desert), temperate and humid. Each climate has three animals associated with it:

  • Arid climates have Vultures, Gobi Bears and Saiga Antelopes
  • Temperate climates have Pandas, Pheasants and Salamanders
  • Humid climates have Wild Pigs, Tigers and Crocodiles.

To get an animal from a city, you need to send an animal to a city which does not have that animal associated with them. For example, if you wanted to get another animal from Panlongcheng, you should send them a Pheasant or a Panda. Once you have sent them one of these, they will send you an animal that you don't have. You do not need to request the animal from Panlongcheng: however, there is no point trying to get an alternative animal from temperate cities (all but Panlongcheng and the Nomad Camps), since the request will be ignored.

Once all four animals are in the city, it's a matter of waiting until the monument is complete to win the mission. Be aware that troops will be requested to defend Baoji: do not send all your troops to defend the city, as this will trigger invasions from rivals, since they believe your city to be "weak". There is also a late invasion from the Nomad Camps, which should be easy to defeat with a couple of forts and some towers. Once this mission is complete, the Shang Dynasty will also be finished!