This is the article on the last mission in the Qin dynasty. If you are looking for the article on the similarly named mission earlier in the dynasty, see Xianyang.

Mission Info
Starting Year
212 BCE
Starting Funds
Starting funds are carried forward from previous Xianyang
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Xianyang is a mission found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom. It is the last mission of the Qin Dynasty.

Briefing Edit

You have been a much-traveled person these last few years, Imperial Administrator. Now, however, your appearance is requested back at Xianyang. While our emperor, Shi Huangdi, has been busy standardizing the currency and simplifying the alphabet, he has also been contemplating what the next world has in store for him. His on-going quest for the magical elixir of eternal life has not yet been rewarded. Fearing death, he knows he must be well prepared if he is to be adequately protected and comforted in the afterlife. It is for these important tasks that your humble services are required.

For the emperor's security in the next world a vast pit must be dug and then filled with a powerful army. Each member of this underground army will be a full-size terracotta likeness of an actual soldier of our armed forces. For his comfort a tomb must also be dug, and stocked with quantities of fine provisions. The tomb will then be crowned by a magnificent Grand Tumulus that will proudly rise high above the city.

While construction proceeds on these projects, a visit by the venerated Xi Wang Mu might help to speed up the building process.

Goals Edit

  • Underground Vault must be built
  • Grand Tumulus must be built
  • 8 Menagerie Animal Types Required
  • Treasury of 150000

Summary Edit

In the last mission of the dynasty, you have been recalled back to the capital to build Qin Shi Huangdi's famous Underground Vault to hold his Terracotta Army, as well as a Tumulus to hold his remains. These monuments will take an EXTREMELY long time to complete and there is no way you can speed them up, except for ensuring Xi Wang Mu is permanently gracing the city.

Luckily, if you already built the first Xianyang in preparation for this mission, you won't need to do too much forward planning, as your city will already be exporting plenty of goods and making money from taxation, so reaching the Treasury Goal won't be too hard. The Menagerie Animals is also another simplistic goal: simply send animals to different cities until you get back the animals you don't have. Remember that each city is in a different climate, so send animals to cities which they won't have.

Once the monument staging areas are placed, and the simple Treasury and Menagerie Animal goals are reached, there is nothing to do except wait. You can build up your military, as well as building another housing block if you need more workers and keeping the Nomad Camps happy, while you wait for the monument to complete. Getting Xi Wang Mu into the city will certainly speed up the Underground Vault, as it requires an immense 674 loads of dirt to be removed before you can start with providing the wood and clay needed for the army itself.

Work on the Underground Vault first, before the Tumulus. Having workers distracted by two monuments won't help, but your workers can work on the Tumulus while the slow process of constructing the Terracotta Army occurs. Labourers are only needed to cover up the army at the end. Don't forget that the Tumulus needs many goods, so use a Warehouse to bring them closer. The Vault also needs some weapons, so have them available.

Once the monuments are complete, so to is the mission and the dynasty!