Bronze Weaponsmith
Building Information
Produces weapons for forts
Raw Material(s) Used
Technical Information

Weaponsmith is a building found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Background Edit

The Weaponsmith produces weapons that can be used in forts to develop a military.

The type of weaponsmith available in a mission is dependent on the era that the mission is set in, as there are differently styled weaponsmiths for each of the eras. A Bronze Weaponsmith produces weapons using Bronze, an Iron Weaponsmith produces weapons using Iron and a Steel Weaponsmith produces weapons using Steel. Only one type can be constructed: if the mission is set during the Iron Era, then only the Iron Weapons can be constructed and so forth. Naturally, weapons made of steel are better than those constructed of iron, and those constructed of iron being better than those constructed using bronze.

Weapons are a good export and homage gift. However, during the Bronze Era, it may be difficult to produce enough Bronze to produce enough weapons.