Building Information
Quells unrest in housing
Technical Information
Feng Shui Element

Watchtower is a building found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Background Edit

The Watchtower is akin to the game's police force. It sends out a patrol guard, who quells unrest in housing and keeping the populace safe.

The guard that is sent out by the tower can fight wild animals who may stroll into their path, but they will not actively seek out predators and they are very likely to be killed by the predator. Guards are also able to have a random chance to catch Spies if they happen to walk into one. The chance is low, however, and one should not rely on this "roll of the dice" chance when trying to eradicate multiple spies in a city.

Like the Inspector's Tower, the building can be improved with desirability, which sends out a second guard on patrol. The number of watchtowers in the city should be kept minimal to avoid unrest: your citizens will not appreciate being watched by too many guards. Watchtowers are only ever needed in Common Housing blocks, with Elite Housing being unlikely to stir up trouble.