Silkworm Shed
Silkworm Shed
Building Information
Produces raw silk
Technical Information

Silkworm Shed is a building found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Background Edit

The Silkworm Shed is used to plant Mulberry Trees. The mulberry is tended to and allowed to grow, producing Raw Silk. The raw silk is then taken to a Weaver for which it is woven into Silk, a highly prized good in Elite Housing and very prized around the empire.

The amount of raw silk produced by a Silkworm Shed is variable. Some regions are more fertile than others for producing raw silk. Ground fertility is extremely important for maximising silk production: this can be seen clearly in all Luoyang missions, where silk fertility is lower compared to Chang-an.

Raw silk is one of the few crops with multiple harvests throughout the year, though this means that yield is lower in areas with bad fertility, necessitating at least half a dozen Silkworm Sheds to produce enough raw silk for the year.