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Mill is a building found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Background Edit

The Mill acts functionally like the Granary of previous games in that all food for distribution within the city is stored there. Food Shops will send a buyer to acquire some of the food, which is then distributed to the populace.

However, a fundamental change between previous games is that the Mill also determines the quality of food that allows a house to evolve. Unlike previous games, you cannot have multiple mills accepting different food types: due to food quality, the game will see all mills as having only Bland Food (aka, 1 food type), which will prevent all housing evolving beyond a Plain Cottage.

Food quality can be improved in two ways: growing multiple food types locally in the city or by including Salt or Spices within the mill. Importing food can sometimes be useful in early cities, though it becomes harder to do this in later campaign missions, due to lack of trading cities and low quotas.

Mills are best placed closed to Market Squares so that buyers can reach the food the quickest. They are highly undesirable buildings and are prone to collapse.