Market Square
  • Common Market Square
  • Common Market Square with Shops
  • Grand Market Square
  • Grand Market Square with Shops
Building Information
Provides goods to housing
Technical Information

Market Square is a building found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Background Edit

The Market Square is a required building for all housing blocks, as it is the method in which goods are distributed to housing.

There are two types of square available:

  • The Common Market Square is normally used in Common Housing blocks and has space for four shops. These are usually the Food Shop, Hemp Shop, Ceramics Shop and Tea Shop.
  • The Grand Market Square is normally used in Elite Housing blocks and has space for six shops. The shops normally placed in this square are the Food Shop, Hemp Shop, Ceramics Shop, Silk Shop, Bronzeware/Lacquerware Shop (depending on era) and the Tea Shop.

Each shop has a maximum limit for how much of that good can be obtained by the appropriate market trader. These limits can be increased by adding additional shops of that type, which allows for more of that good to be stored.

Both of the Market Squares include entertainment areas where musicians and acrobats spread their coverage to housing. When Theatre Pavilions become available, there is no further need to do this, though such buildings are normally used in Elite Housing blocks to provide Drama School access.

Grand Market Squares are more useful in Common Housing blocks when Tea becomes available in the Sui Dynasty, as their larger size allows for increased capacity of different goods.

Bugs Edit

  • Food Shops randomly become unable to get the highest level food quality they require. This is more commonly seen during the Sui-Tang Dynasty, which is caused by the housing demanding more food at Luxurious Apartment level, which then results in mass devolution for certain houses in the block, as the single shop on a Common Market Square cannot hold enough food if Tea is distributed at the same time. There is no known fix for this bug.
    • Solution: Use the Grand Market Square to double the capacity of food with multiple Food Shops.
    • Solution: If Luxurious Apartments are not a mission goal, do not distribute Tea to the block and simply double food shop capacity.