Mission Info
Starting Year
317 BCE
Starting Funds
Very Easy: 25500 Strings of Cash
Easy: 17000 Strings of Cash
Normal: 17000 Strings of Cash
Hard: 17000 Strings of Cash
Very Hard: 13600 Strings of Cash
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Lingshou is a mission found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom. It is the last mission of the Zhou Dynasty.

Briefing Edit

At Lingshou, in the small Kingdom of Zhongshan, the local warlord, King Cuo, has financed a Grand Temple Complex, and he has hired you to see the project through to completion. To finish this monument, you'll need to import stone from either Loyi or Qufu, but first their favor must be won. Impressive gifts of shiny new lacquerware, to replace their tarnished and aging bronzeware, will no doubt help to win some favor.

The Daoist philosophy has taken firmer root. If you build a Daoist Temple and pay homage to Xi Wang Mu, the Queen Mother of the West, perhaps she will grace the city. Her mere presence will often help to hurry the hands of monument workers. The esteemed Mencius is also roaming the lands; his benefits on trade and commerce should not be overlooked.

Goals Edit

  • Grand Temple Complex must be built
  • Produce 18 lacquerware vessels in one year
  • 3 Menagerie Animal Types Required
  • 12 Months of Heroes

Summary Edit

This last mission introduces the concept of making Lacquerware. Luckily, there is no invasions here (unless you upset your neighbours for some reason), so it's use is primarily directed to the mission goal and export.

There is a lot of land here, as well as a lot of trees. To produce Lacquerware requires that Lacquer be produced from the Lacquer Refinery, as well as Wood harvested by Logging Sheds. The amount of wood that the Lacquerware Maker uses is quite a lot, so you'll need a large number of loggers harvesting wood to ensure a stable supply.

As soon as you start the mission, the trade route to Qufu will be closed down, but you can reopen it later by sending gifts of Lacquerware to them. You need to establish trade with either Qufu or Loyi in order to build the monument so that you can import Stone, as this commodity is not available here. However, stone is the last item required and is only used to create the wall that will surround the temple itself, so there is no hurry to produce it. Other than stone imports, the Qufu trade route is not useful, since you cannot import Jade for use in a Jade Carver's Studio, as the latter cannot be built.

With Silk and Lacquerware available, making money should not be a problem, especially as many of the cities will purchase one or both of these items. There is some iron ore available, so if you feel a need to do so, build a couple of forts. You don't need elite housing here, so don't bother with it, unless your neighbours are upset due to ignoring requests.

Building the monument should be fairly simple. It's constructed in much the same way as the Temple Complex, except it's a bit bigger and needs more resources. Reaching the Menagerie Animals goal though is tough, because there are no animals on this map that you can trade with others to get animals in return. Therefore, there is an onus on getting at least one city to become an ally with high favour so that you can request one from them. The animal received can then be sent to cities in other climates (such as Ying) in order to receive two more animals. While there is no requirement to fill the menagerie with all animal types, you can do so: just remember what you sent to each city, so you don't send the wrong animal to a city.

The Heroes goal should be fairly easy to reach. You'll have to provide gifts in order to keep the god in the city though. Once the monument is complete, so is the Zhou Dynasty!