Mission Info
Starting Year
609 CE
Starting Funds
Very Easy: 27750 Strings of Cash
Easy: 18500 Strings of Cash
Normal: 18500 Strings of Cash
Hard: 18500 Strings of Cash
Very Hard: 14800 Strings of Cash
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Liangzhou is a mission found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Briefing Edit

Esteemed administrator, you have been sent here to the desert oasis of Liangzhou, on our western frontier. It was many hundreds of years ago that a great wall was built here of rammed earth. The ravages of time have taken their inevitable toll, however, and that ancient wall is so heavily eroded that it no longer casts a shadow. The barbarians it was supposed to stop now laugh as they ride their mounts over its tumbledown heaps.

Your primary task is to refurbish this decrepit barrier by erecting a new one in its place. The wall you build should be surfaced in durable stone so that it will better withstand erosion. However your city should also act as a conduit for trade along the Silk Road. The soil here is dry, and devoid of nutrients, and the weather is harsh and unpredictable. Ensure that sufficient amounts of food are stockpiled for those lean years when the clouds are few, and the rain is scarce.

Finally, as you are aware, our dispute with the distant kingdom of Koguryo continues. If the campaigning in that region should resume, do not be surprised if Emperor Yangdi has a sudden need for fresh troops.

Goals Edit

  • Stone Great Wall must be built
  • 5 Trading Partners

Summary Edit

You have been sent to refurbish a section of the old Earthen Great Wall, which has eroded away from age: in its place, a Stone Great Wall will be erected to provide infinite protection against time.

The oasis is pretty big and there is enough space to plan out a decently sized housing block. Your main problems is that you must import a lot of the needed materials for the city, with only limited exports available. Although Kashgar will sell you Jade, this is very limited and only 12 uncut jade can be imported per year: no other traders provide jade to be able to make infinite amounts of Carved Jade. Therefore, it is imperative that you import some Paper from Chengdu (as Paper Makers cannot be built) and tax the populace, but it is probably necessary to barter various goods, such as Silk, Lacquerware and Tea to Kashgar: Salt should also be sold where possible, though it is a limited export early on. Building a Mint should be able to improve income, as will building some Elite Housing and summoning the Confucian hero Mencius.

There is an early invasion from Lhasa in the first few years. Building a military is imperative, as there are requests for troops to be sent to attack Sabi. Even if your troops fail in the efforts of attacking Sabi, your favour with Chang-an will increase exponentially, but you'll need to import all the weapons you need to staff your forts. The Tibetan armies sent from Lhasa are strong and you'll certainly need a fully staffed fort before they reach the city: Walls and Towers can also greatly assist the forces.

Other than a lot of trade, time will pass slowly in this one while you wait to complete the monument. It only requires stone to be built and all the stone you need can be found here in this area, though you might need to consider offsetting this with imported stone, as the stone is very limited and quite far from the monument staging area itself.

Once the monument is complete, your job will be done in Liangzhou!

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