Mission Info
Starting Year
594 CE
Starting Funds
Very Easy: 27000 Strings of Cash
Easy: 18000 Strings of Cash
Normal: 18000 Strings of Cash
Hard: 18000 Strings of Cash
Very Hard: 14400 Strings of Cash
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Lanzhou is a mission found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Briefing Edit

The preceding period of disunity, the era known as the Three Kingdoms, was a horrible blight upon our land. The marches of the huge armies were especially hard on the farmers -- their fields were trampled and their livestock was scattered and lost. As a result, the food chain was broken and has yet to be fully repaired. In many cities of this great empire, citizens still go to sleep with empty bellies. More foodstuffs are desperately needed. As usual, our beneficient emperor has the perfect solution, for he has decreed that agricultural colonies should be established along the western border. The food produced by these settlements will go far to feed hungry masses.

Your recent revitalization of the Empire's capital has put you first in line for an important new assignment. Establish an agricultural community along the far reaches of the Yellow River, at a place called Lanzhou. The Emperor will ensure that workers for the fields arrive soon. The terrain is rough but the soil will welcome the sharp blade of the plow.

Keep a vigilant eye on the Kunlan Shan -- the mountain range to the southwest. There have been persistent rumors of a fierce new tribe of barbarians from a land called Tibet. The spirit of the great Daoist hero-general, Guan Di, can now be summoned. His services might be very useful to the defences of your city.

Goals Edit

  • Produce 35 baskets of cabbage in one year
  • Produce 45 bushels of wheat in one year
  • Produce 38 bundles of millet in one year
  • Population of 2000

Summary Edit

With China starving, you have been seen to the far end of the Yellow River to develop an agricultural community and provide much needed food to the country. But look at the map: where on earth can you build a city? The area around the entry point is filled with rocks and has no space to build any housing and the flat area is both close to the river and a lot of rocks, making perfect harmony difficult to obtain as a result.

To reach the food goals will take time. You will need at least three Farmhouses for each of the food types, meaning that nine Farmhouses in total will be required. Irrigating as many farms as possible will improve the yield and reach the goals quicker: this is necessary for the wheat goal, but not so important for the cabbage and millet goals. You'll notice that you can place Soybeans and Salt Mines in the city: don't bother with either, as the salt marsh is extremely distant from the entire city and there isn't enough space to build soybean farms to grow bean curd.

Trade is a bit difficult in this one. Only Lacquerware can be exported: if you need workers, or simply want to save space, just import all the Lacquer you need from either Chengdu or Changzhou. Lacquerware can be exported to a good number of cities, allowing you to make a profit. Taxation and a Mint will help to contribute towards the city treasury.

In terms of requests and events, there's a few natural disasters throughout the missions -- particularly floods, which will completely cut your city off from the entry point while in progress. There are a couple of food requests to Chang-an as well and Lhasa greets the world the following year after starting. They will eventually request weapons from you, but if you are quick in reaching the goals, you should be able to win before they can do anything about it. Nevertheless, it's a good idea to put down at least a fort: there's plenty of iron to be found on this map, so making Steel will be easy enough to produce. Sadly, no cities will purchase steel or weapons, though the weapons can be useful in keeping Shen Nong, the only ancestor here, happy.