Lacquer Refinery
Lacquer Refinery
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Grows Lacquer
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Lacquer Refinery is a building found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Background Edit

The Lacquer Refinery is used to plant Lacquer Trees. These trees are tended to by the refinery and allowed to grow and produce Lacquer. The lacquer produced by the farm is taken to a Lacquerware Maker and, when combined with Wood, produces Lacquerware. This is a highly prized good for Elite Housing, required to evolve Siheyuan's into Compounds.

Like the Silkworm Shed, the amount of Lacquer that is produced by a Lacquer Refinery varies based on the region. In most campaign missions, the Lacquer Refinery can only be built in humid regions and must be imported in many missions to produce the Lacquerware required for mission goals.

The humid regions grow the largest amount of Lacquer, which means only a small number of farms are needed to produce a continuous supply of the material.