Mission Info
Starting Year
106 CE
Starting Funds
Very Easy: 23250 Strings of Cash
Easy: 15500 Strings of Cash
Normal: 15500 Strings of Cash
Hard: 15500 Strings of Cash
Very Hard: 12000 Strings of Cash
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Jiayuguan is a mission found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Briefing Edit

Attempts to keep the pestilent Xiongnu at bay with lavish silks and other coveted items have met with limited success -- and always appear as weakness on the part of our government. Efforts to locate their camps and exterminate the problem at its source are even more difficult, as the nomads move like the wind, much swifter than our mightier, but more heavily laden, armies. It seems the only recourse is to continue the Long Wall, making it of sufficient height and width that the barbarians' horses cannot vault it.

West of the great loop of the Yellow River, along the Silk Road at a place called Jiayuguan, you are to establish a settlement and stretch the Great Wall westward once again. The weather is dry here, and the rains unpredictable. It would be advisable to keep an adequate supply of food stockpiled in case the crops should fail.

The hills and rocks hide lodes of iron ore, however. Using a new smelting process requiring more intense heat, and quantities of wood to stoke the flames, Steel, a new metal even stronger than iron, can now be produced! Troops armed with potent steel blades will have a sharper edge with which to smite any foe.

Goals Edit

  • Earthen Great Wall must be built
  • 4 Trading Partners
  • Yearly Profit of 2000

Summary Edit

In this mission, you have been sent to Jiayuguan to construct another section of the Earthen Great Wall to protect the country from invaders and help traders along the Silk Road.

The mission goals actually make the mission seem harder than it is. Reaching the trading partners goal is easy enough: simply sending diplomatic requests to Luoyang, Chengdu and Guangzhou will meet it immediately. However, it is well advised to try and open trade with Yin, as they sell you additional food, since hunting is unreliable here due to the location of the water and the antelopes roaming this area.

Reaching a profit is a bit trickier in this one, though not as hard. As in Loulan, you can import hefty quantities of Jade from Kashgar and carve it into Carved Jade for export: this should be the main source of income. The briefing also hints towards making Weapons: this should be commenced when possible, though you will need to import Wood from one of the two trading partners who sell this commodity, since you cannot cut the trees for use in the smelters.

The hardest part of this mission is not the limited food supply or even reaching the profit goal: the main difficulty is that you need to import a lot of wood from different cities. The monument requires large quantities of wood to be constructed, the Steel Furnaces require wood to turn Iron into Steel and the Tax Offices continue to depend on wood. To prevent problems, set up one trading city (preferably Chengdu) to import wood for use in your Tax Offices and the Steel Furnaces: they will purchase any weapons or salt you may have, negating the lost funds from importing wood. Your new capital city of Luoyang imports similar quantities of wood, but doesn't buy anything different to other cities, so this trade route should be used to import wood for the monument.

Finding a good location for the farming will be tricky. Droughts don't make the food situation any easier in this one. Although you can build Elite Housing, there is no use in doing so, since they cannot be evolved above Modest Siheyuan and can't be used to expand a military force: you should only add a single elite housing plot if you plan on summoning Confucius, Sun Tzu or Mencius to the city. Mencius confers the best benefit, as his blessing allows Trading Posts to increase profit and also allows more frequent caravans to be on the map.

One final thing: at some point, Kashgar will go through an economic boom. If you are struggling to make any money, import hefty quantities of Silk from various trading partners and mark up the price to Kashgar for a profit. However, it is not completely necessary to barter to win the mission.

Once the wall section has been completed, then your time here at Jiayuguan will be complete!