Inspector's Tower
Inspector's Tower
Building Information
Sends inspector to prevent buildings burning or collapsing
Technical Information
Feng Shui Element

Inspector's Tower is a building found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Background Edit

The Inspector's Tower is a basic building needed in every single city. Without the Inspector patrolling the streets, buildings will catch fire or collapse under their weight.

Unlike previous games, the Inspector combines the duties of fire marshall and architect into one building, so placing down a single tower will provide protection against fire and collapse, but the risk of a building collapsing or catching fire is dependent on difficulty level. The higher the difficulty level selected, the quicker that a building can be destroyed.

If a building catches fire anywhere on the map, most inspector's will drop tools and walk to the problem area. This can play havoc with your cities, causing their risk of fire and collapse to increase for every second the inspector is not patrolling the area. There is nothing that can be done about this, except ensuring that the fire is put out quickly. Depending on how quickly the fire is put out, the building that caught fire can be saved and continue as if nothing happened.

Inspector's Towers can be improved by enhancing the desirability of the area around it. This sends out a second inspector to patrol the area. Alternatively, the Ancestral Hero, Nu Wa, can bless the building temporarily to do the same thing.