Grand Canal
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Monument Information

Grand Canal is a monument that is built in two missions in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Background Edit

In ancient history, the Grand Canal was started as a means by the state of Han to bankrupt the upcoming Qin Dynasty. However, rather than bankrupting the Qin, it bolstered their military, allowing them easy access to crush all the other states and unify China as a whole. The canal later served as a means to improve connectivity between the fertile areas of the Yangzi River and those less fertile areas of the North.

The Canal is a monument in two missions: Huanxian and Yangzhou. Like the Great Wall, the footprint is already placed in these missions: it runs from North-West to South-East, with three fixed crossing areas. The monument requires only Stone to be constructed: the first step involves the use of Labourers to dig out the dirt, which constructs a basic bridge at the three fixed points. After that, labourers deliver Stone to the monument, which masons hammer into place.

At each point, the bridges change type, before becoming stone arch bridges spanning the canal. The canal honours Nu Wa, though the time it takes to complete the monument means that it will probably result in mission completion upon the water being released.