This is the article on the second mission called Erlitou. If you are looking for the article on the previous mission of the same name, see Erlitou.

Mission Info
Starting Year
1876 BCE
Starting Funds
6000 Strings of Cash on all difficulty levels
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Erlitou is a mission found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom. It is the last mission of the Xia Dynasty

Briefing Edit

Wise and courageous leader, the shadows of conflict are fast approaching. Now is the time to prepare, as it will be too late to sharpen your sword when the battle is upon you. Copper ore can be smelted into fine blades by weaponsmiths. An Administrative City will be necessary to oversee the military and revenue collection. Arm and train a stalwart troop of soldiers to protect the city and its people. To partially offset the cost of raising this force, taxes should be levied. Loggers can provide wooden ledgers, needed by the tax collectors for their record keeping.

Now might be the perfect time for generous offerings to the great hero Huang Di. Perhaps the wisdom and might of the fabled Yellow Emperor will aid your city in its time of need.

Goals Edit

  • Population of 1500
  • Produce 20 racks of weapons in one year

Summary Edit

This is the last tutorial mission, which introduces the basics of military. Other than a small invasion later into the mission, you don't have to do much in Erlitou.

As mentioned, you are returning to the city you just completed in the previous mission. Place some Bronze Smelters and Weaponsmiths in the small raised area to the north of your city and make some weapons. You'll also need to clear some space to build the Administrative City, an important building that allows you to build a military presence. Once your Administrative City has been staffed, find a good location to build a Fort: if you are considering Feng Shui, then it likes arid land, but there is none here, so the closest you'll get is near trees and rocks/cliffs.

Take note: unlike previous games, you do not build a Recruiter to train the troops! Instead, the required resources will be taken directly to the fort like any other building and the fort will train each squadron separately. Therefore, your fort needs access to a road that links to your weapons area: however, it won't catch fire or collapse, so you can roadblock the area so your inspectors don't walk into your forts.

There are some small requests from other cities, but the main thing you'll need to prepare for is the invasion. You'll know the invasion is coming soon when Pingyang is discovered: it's a rival city who doesn't like you and will try to destroy your city. If you've built the fort early enough, you should have more than enough troops to beat the invasions. Make sure to send some gifts to Huang Di to avoid his wrath though!

The population goal should be easy enough if you've already built up the city substantially in the previous mission. Meeting the weapons goal may be hard early on: you'll need four Weaponsmiths to produce enough to meet the goal. There's only a small amount of copper available, so two smelters should be enough. Once the invasion has passed, it's really a matter of meeting the requests, keeping the gods happy and waiting until you've produced 20 weapons in a calendar year. Once you've completed the mission, you'll have completed the Xia Dynasty tutorials and will be ready onto real missions!