This is the article on the third mission in the Han Dynasty. If you are looking for the article on the first mission similarly named in this dynasty, see Chang-an. For other uses, see Chang-an

Chang-an Han
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Starting Year
126 BCE
Starting Funds
Starting funds are carried forward from previous Chang-an
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Chang-an is a mission found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Briefing Edit

Welcome back to Chang-an, humble administrator. You will soon be assuming the duties of a new post recently created by our Emperor Wu Di -- Commissioner of Trade. You see, it was many years ago that our emperor dispatched an envoy, Zhang Qian to make an alliance with the Yuezhi tribe against the troublesome Xiongnu. The envoy was not heard of for over 10 years, and feared dead. Just recently however, he has returned, and the stories he has of distant lands are quite incredible.

Soon after departing, he was captured by the Xiongnu. After a few years he escaped their clutches and, being a loyal servant, attempted to complete his mission. His quest to locate the Yuezhi tribe took him far to the west, to the distant land of Ferghana, and the Pamir Mountains. It was there he discovered that these people prized Chinese goods, which had somehow found their way into those lands. In fact, their passion for our fine silk is particularly keen. This exciting news has delighted our Emperor, who wisely foresees that much profit can be made by government control of this trade. In return for Chinese silk, the distant city of Kashgar offers jade and savory new spices.

Meanwhile, in Chang-an, lovely flowering trees can be planted to further beautify the city's streets and wards. The Emperor also requests that a Grand Tumulus -- his imperial mausoleum -- be prepared for his eventual use. It will be your honor to find a beneficial location for it and to oversee its construction. To the north, however, rumblings from the Gobi Desert grow ever louder and more incessant. The Xiongnu problem remains unsolved ...

Goals Edit

  • Grand Tumulus must be built
  • Treasury of 150000
  • 7 Menagerie Animal Types Required
  • Population of 4500

Summary Edit

In this mission, you are returning back to Chang-an to build the Grand Tumulus and open trade with Kashgar along the Silk Road. Naturally, trade is an important part of the mission and is necessary to reach the high treasury goal.

You will start the mission with the city as it was already left at the end of the previous Chang-an. Other than a trade route becoming available almost immediately with Jiaozhou at the start through them becoming a vassal, you don't really have to do much in terms of trading. As long as you are making plenty of Silk and Carved Jade, you shouldn't have issues reaching the treasury goal. You will need more people in the city, both to reach the population goal and to support the industry needed to build the monument.

By now, you should know how to construct monuments, particularly a Tumulus. Provide it with as much labour as possible, and also ensure Xi Wang Mu graces the city. If you haven't captured any animals in your Palace, use Xi Wang Mu to capture the three animals present on the map and send them to other cities to get the other four.

Don't forget that Lacquerware is required by the Tumulus after the initial digging phase has completed. You can import this directly from a trade partner, but the cheapest option is to import Lacquer from your new vassal and make Lacquerware directly. The small amounts you make can also be used to sustain a small block of Elite Housing, which you may need to improve your military arm to prevent invasions.

Once the city is stable, it's just a matter of waiting for the Tumulus to complete. Don't forget that trade route to Kashgar!

Trivia Edit

  • Opening the route to Kashgar in this mission has a benefit of having the trade route open in all subsequent missions, up to the end of the Sui-Tang Dynasty. They won't reject your trade agreement and will open immediately when asked.