This is the article on the first mission in the Han Dynasty. If you are looking for the article on the similarly named mission in this dynasty, see Chang-an. For other uses, see Chang-an

Chang-an Han
Mission Info
Starting Year
202 BCE
Starting Funds
Very Easy: 28500 Strings of Cash
Easy: 19000 Strings of Cash
Normal: 19000 Strings of Cash
Hard: 19000 Strings of Cash
Very Hard: 15200 Strings of Cash
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Chang-an is a mission found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom. It is the first mission of the Han Dynasty.

Briefing Edit

Humble administrator: your loyal service to the defunct Qin Empire, while misdirected, was quite efficient and most honorable. Our new emperor, the virtuous Gaodi, respects efficiency and honesy, which is why he wisely requests that you, as an experienced city administrator, lay out the plan of the new Han capital. Here on the banks of the River Wei, near the ruins of the ancient Zhou capital of Hao we will establish Chang-an -- capital of the great Han Empire.

Spare no expense! It must be an impressive city. Reflective ponds can now provide beautiful places of peace and solitude for our citizens. Ensure that the people pay generous homage, and the new city will be duly rewarded with rich blessings. Sadly, famine and starvation are a problem throughout the empire, as the cruel warfare that preceded the founding of the Han Dynasty ruined many farms and left even more homeless. Requests for food are believed to be imminent.

Meanwhile, in the nearby hills, lodes of copper and iron await our miners' arrival. All the while you must not ignore threats to the empire, for the aggressive Xiongnu still threaten the northern borderlands. It seems, however, that the barbarians have finally begun to appreciate the fineries of silk. Some might call it extortion, but fulfilling their requests may appease them.

Goals Edit

  • Population of 3000
  • 32 Months of Heroes
  • Yearly profit of 4500

Summary Edit

In this first mission of the new Han Dynasty, you will begin to set up the brand new capital city of Chang-an. The map has been updated since our last visit here, with Iron Ore now present, as well as a few additional things. Your goals are fairly simple to reach, but you must build the city so it can expand, because you will return here in a future mission in this dynasty.

Begin by building your city up in the normal manner. The best area for housing is a large open area just to the East of the entry point, with farmland best placed in the plains between the rocks in the southern section of the map. Be aware that you will need a large food industry here as requests for food will come towards you soon.

As indicated in the briefing, the Xiongnu Empire are still a problem for China. They will demand silk and wood: compliance is important as it will stave off invasions from them. If their favour is high enough, open trade with them to import Jade and export Carved Jade, allowing you to make a higher profit. If this isn't possible, call Xi Wang Mu to the city and bless Jade Carver's Studios: after all, one of the goals is Months of Heroes.

You don't need to do much here, except make a lot of money. Preparing for the later mission is a good idea though: build a Palace and use Xi Wang Mu to capture the three animal types present on this map. Don't forget that you need a population of 3000 people, so balance the expansion of the city with exports and homage and you should reach the end of the mission!