This is the article on the third mission of the dynasty. If you are looking for the article on the first mission of the same name, see Bo.

Mission Info
Starting Year
1559 BCE
Starting Funds
9000 Strings of Cash on all difficulty levels
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Bo is a mission found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Briefing Edit

It seems the recent passing of Tang the Perfect has caused a bit of a construction boom. Throughout the kingdom, cities scramble to erect shrines and temples to honor his memory. Not one to be outdone, the town of Bo has had architects devise plans for a Grand Temple. They want you, most noble administrator, to oversee its construction. You must first designate a suitable site for the monument. Loggers will then be needed to fell trees for lumber and laborers will be available to construct a sturdy foundation of rammed earth.

Local farms can now grow cabbages as well as millet. Instead of building new farms, however, consider converting existing millet fields to cabbage. Surplus hemp and ceramics can be sold for profit, but do not forget to give generous offerings to our ancestor heroes, as their blessings are vital. Lastly, it is time the people of this town started paying their allegiance to our King. Adding an Administrative City will allow tax offices to be built.

Goals Edit

  • Great Temple must be built
  • 1000 people in Elegant Dwelling or better
  • 9 Months of Heroes

Summary Edit

Despite the goals, the mission is actually pretty straightforward and should not take long to complete.

As hinted, you have returned to Bo to build the first monument in the game. Luckily, the monument is pretty small and easy to complete, but is to give you a taste in how to construct a monument. Hopefully you have left space on the map to build it: if not, clear some space and put the footprint down (Feng Shui does not exist for monuments and every location is harmonious).

You have additional trading opportunities in this mission, although it is not necessary to make a large amount of money. Building the monument requires some clay and wood in supply, as well as carpenters and ceramists to build the structure and decorate it. If you are needing some money, or need to soak up unemployment from evolving your common housing to the required Elegant Dwelling level, consider placing some additional Labourer's Camps or constructing a small Bronzeware making industry for export.

The "Months of Heroes" goal will actually be the easiest goal to reach. Unlike in previous games, monuments in Emperor pay homage to specific gods, which prevents them from getting angry for the rest of the mission. The Great Temple in this mission honours Nu Wa, who will become Exalted immediately on the temple's creation. She should remain this way for 9 months consistently, but if her mood drops, consider giving some Ceramics to raise her mood and keep her in the city.

Once the other goals have been met, it's only just a matter of waiting for the housing to evolve or for nine cumulative months for the gods to stick around. While you wait, you can consider giving gifts to other gods, in case they are upset.