Mission Info
Starting Year
1585 BCE
Starting Funds
Very Easy: 12000 Strings of Cash
Easy: 8000 Strings of Cash
Normal: 8000 Strings of Cash
Hard: 8000 Strings of Cash
Very Hard: 6400 Strings of Cash
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Baoji is a mission found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Briefing Edit

Ah, most esteemed administrator! You have been brought to this location, the banks of the Wei River, so that you might establish the town of Baoji. The local waters will provide fish to supplement the wheat crop. However, it is the rocks that hold the most value, as their deposits of copper can be fashioned into bronze, and the bronze into elaborate ceremonial vessels dearly needed at our capital of Hsiang. Because of this, expect the King to make annual requests for bronzeware. To help alleviate the costs of these industries, taxes should be levied upon the populace. Locate an appropriate site for an Administrative City and hire some tax collectors. But look also beyond the capital, for there is profit aplenty to be had. You can barter off excess quantities of hemp and wheat, and jade can be imported and then fashioned into beautiful carvings by skilled craftsmen.

Goals Edit

  • 4 Trading Partners
  • Yearly Profit of 1200

Summary Edit

If the mission only required four trading partners to complete it, then this would be fairly simple. As it is, making money is the main goal of the mission, so you are going to need to export quite a lot of expensive goods to reach the profit goal.

As hinted in the brief, you'll want to get a Bronzeware industry started up pretty quickly, as some cities of the empire will be requesting the good regularly. There's plenty of food available here to reach Spacious Dwelling, but if you need more workers, you'll need to import the third food type. If you fulfil the requests of your neighbours on time, they will improve their favour with you, accepting trade agreements easily. You don't need to open up trade with all the cities on the map, but the game counts a trading partner as one where an agreement has been reached: you don't need to actually be trading with four cities to meet the goal

At some point during the mission, a new city will be discovered: the Nomad Camps. Luckily, in this mission, they're going to be pretty peaceful and will offer to sell you Jade. Use this Jade to create Carved Jade in the Jade Carver's Studio, for this will turn a very healthy profit for your city. Developing a Ceramics industry will also help to reduce some unemployment and provide an export.

It's really a matter of waiting for your city to sell more than 1200 cash in one year and developing trade. If you are struggling for money and have some unemployment, put down an Administrative City and a Tax Office in your housing, which should help to reach the required goal.